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San Pantaleo Olbia

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Immobiliare Dramis  /  SAN PANTALEO


A few kilometers from Olbia, you will find San Pantaleo, a small enchanted village, similar to a gem in the heart of  Smeralda  Coast.

San Pantaleo known as the village of artists, who for a long time have chosen to stay away from the chaos of the cities, plunged in the quietness of the country and the beauty of the surrounding nature, between granite rocks and Mediterranean scrub, where enchanting beaches overlook.

The village is framed by granite peaks of the mountains, Sant’Andrea, Pelchia Manna, Pelchia Minori and Balbacana.

Stazzi “typical rural houses” of the area populate this area rregion of water and cork oak woods, giving a special charm to the town.

The village of San Pantaleo is located at about 176 meters above sea level, on a plateau, dominating the valley where Monte Moro stands, connected by the panoramic road that connects Olbia to Arzachena, “Monti di Mola” (the current Costa Smeralda ), and Baia Sardinia.

The village was born thanks to the initiative of the inhabitants of the Stazzi, who asked to the bishop of Tempio in 1894, to create a religious and social reference point, thus creating the little church, which was built in 1903, where it is still today.

Starting in the 1970s, a few years after the birth of the Costa Smeralda, a group of artists and painters, who came from all over the world, populated the village, attracted by its timeless and absolutely informal atmosphere, far away  from the worldliness of the one who was developing in the Coast.

Painters, decorators and sculptors from all over the Europe have transformed the small reality of San Pantaleo is village into a sort of bohemian air that can be breathed today. To the artists that came to populate the locality, a group of Gallura artisans also joined, to them highly sought after for their artifacts, made of essential materials: such as wrought iron, wood, terracotta and ceramics.

In today's reality, San Pantaleo tells the story of the town, connected of the charm of the Costa Smeralda, which gave rise to all this.

The Costa Smeralda was  born with an international glamor, thanks to Karim Aga khan Primce, who was struck by the locality, with its emerald sea, its white beaches where they frame the scent of the Mediterranean scrub, junipers, lentisks, myrtles, alivastri, etc ..., that create the charm that still attracts the international jet set. Other well-known towns near the village of San Pantaleo are Portisco, with its    well-equipped port, Rena Bianca, an furnished beach wit finest sand, where once the inhabitants of the ancient Stazzi and Razza di Juncu used to go.

San Pantaleo for some issues, today still remembers its history, which speaks of Stazzi Galluresi, today combined with that of the birth of the famous Costa Smeralda, to modernity for beach holidays, to the charm of art, to luxury boutiques, to ancient’ flavours furnished restaurant. This village, is the only  one in Gallura where the union between the past and the present, history and innovation, between territory and Costa is evident and where culture and worldliness dialogue each other with respect for each other.

The stay in the Borgo is pleasant all year around, the winter period is full of tranquility, with a mild and pleasant climate, the village is preparing to wait for the summer season, in spring the traditional country festivals, attract the vacationers who arrive numerous in this time of year, while in summer the town is full of cultural and gastronomic events.

Unhissable events in San Pantaleo : Magnendi in Carrera, and Massaie in Cucina:

two very well know and popular tourist events, the first one is in mid-July the other is in August. Tasting evenings in the streets of the town, of traditional dishes.

Another popular and participated event is the Folklore Festival.

San Pantaleo also has its own Folk group, which at the beginning of September organizes an appointment with the involvement of the  folk groups from different parts of the island, with also the presence of great artists who have come from everywhere, who perform in the evenings.

A great international attraction is the appointment with classical dance, which attracts an ever-growing audience from the Costa. National and international Etoiles tread the scenes used for the occasion.

For the occasion there is no shortage of craft markets, which display their wares.

San Pantaleo, can be defined… .. the mountain is a stone's throw from the sea: a few minutes by car separate us from the most beautiful beaches of the Emerald Coast such as Romazzino, La Celvia, Capriccioli, Il Pevero, and from the renowned locations  such as Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, Baia Sardinia, La Maddalena etc. etc ... The tourist today finds the place suitable for a stay, or an holiday period, for those who need to travel, a few kilometers away there  is the port and airport of Olbia.

All this are some of the many reasons why.